Starter PCs

Sage's Circuits offers budget friendly starter PCs for all those looking to break into the world of PC gaming! Including bundles to get you started in style.


24/7 Customer Support for the lifetime of the system


1-Year Full Warranty covering all your system's components

24/7 Customer Support

Sage's Circuits offers free 24/7 customer support via phone, email, text, FB Messenger, or WhatsApp for the lifetime of every system sold.

Professional support, 7 days a week, at no cost to you!

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1-Year Full Warranty

We guarantee the full scope of your system's components for 1-year after purchase.

If you encounter any issue, simply contact us and we will immediately work to resolve your issue!

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We utilize the latest generation components, such as Intel's most-recent LGA1700 CPU socket and Nvidia's 40 series GPUs, to bring you the best possible performance!

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Customer Support

With 24/7 Customer Support for the lifetime of any system purchased, you can rest easy knowing we'll always be there to help resolve any issues you may encounter.

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Starter PCs

We offer starter gaming PC bundles for those just starting to get into the world of PC gaming.

These bundles include a mouse, keyboard, headset w/ mic, and mouse pad!

Starter PCs

We always build our systems to work as expected for years to come, and will do all we can to ensure our customers are satisfied!

Maintaining a 5-Star rating on Google, Sage's Circuits strives to have 100% customer satisfaction on all our products and services.